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Spring/Summer 2017 B.U.R.N. Art Grant Winners

It is with great pleasure that we present the Spring 2017 BURN art grant recipients! We had 15 awesome applications (the most ever!) for the $2000 pool of grant money.

While they were all awesome, given the amount of BURN-related events in and around Chicago coming up, we have focused our limited resources this cycle on projects headed to BURN BURN and Figment.

* SPRING 2017 Recipients*

Community Bloom by Cheryl Gallo

Screen Dream Machine by Rohan Thadani & Hannah Aubry

Memento Serenous by Niklas Gahm

Spacecats 2.0 by Ayda Keshtkar

Black Light Hike by Lenny Melto

Community Puzzle by Johanna Voos

Brilliantly Blooming Woods by Doug Peters

Igloo Obscura by Savannah Jerome-Branson

The Flaming Photobooth by James Villalpando


We want to give away even more money to more artists soon! Consider a donation to BURN Art Grants, or help conceive and throw a fundraiser and let's help some folks make rad art!

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