The Bold Urban Renaissance Network (“BURN”) is a dynamic nonprofit organization which fosters community arts through grass-roots projects and civic collaborations. We seek to create, display, and support interactive arts and civic participation that inspires action and connects people by moving them from passive spectators to creative participants. We believe this inspires positive creative change in the participants and in the wider community.


Network and Inform creative people in the Chicagoland about opportunities for making and showing their art.
Raise money and grant funds to artists to make art that is interactive and collaborative.
Promote volunteering for community-based, creative efforts.
Create events that are interactive and creative, and that embody the joyful spirit of our community and beyond.

Deepen your connection with local artists and the civic-minded doacracy and learn more at BoldUrban.org

Financial Transparency

Being responsible stewards of community funds is a responsibility BURN takes very seriously.  Income comes in from a variety of sources such as event ticket sales and donations, and is spent in a variety of ways- producing events, Art Grants, Community Grants. BURN also assists local affiliates such as BWB Chicago in managing their accounts in a transparent and responsible manner. Recent financial reports are linked below, and archives can be be found on the transparency page of the BURN website.

2017 Financial Reports

2010-2017 Decompression Report

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