The Chicago Burning Man community is proud to play a big part in our regional Burn, Lakes of Fire. Organized by the Great Lakes Experimental Arts 501(c4), the event brings Burners from Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota and beyond together each year in June at Lucky Lake. 

2015 Theme: Fabulous Contraption


A buzzing, tiny engine prickles in your ear, and you make out a flying creature made of glass and metal, emitting tiny puffs of steam. Or maybe that's an actual cicada, playing around your ears on a summer’s day.

And all around you?- a machine, a sunny testament to human ingenuity; a space where many parts move in perfect coordination, where the gears turn on a well-oiled lube of love and imagination. But can a thousand little gears all work together? Can the pieces of this puzzle fall into place, as though some quantum magic runs the universe? Is there a line between the man-made and the “natural?”- where the drum machine ends, and the sound vibration that travels through organic spheres begins? There’s but one way to know the answer. Be a part of the fabulous contraption. G.L.E.A. Inc. 501(c)4 proudly announces Lakes of Fire 2015: FABULOUS CONTRAPTION.

June 17th-21st, 2015

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