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2017 Theme: Brilliant Bloom

Bold Urban Renaissance Network (B.U.R.N.) is excited to bring a spring camping event to the Chicagoland area: B.U.R.N. burn. Your lovely organizers are working hard to sort out the details and we expect to provide ticketing information and other pertinent details by March 15th. Want to know sooner? Get involved! We are actively looking for volunteers and Event Leads - email us at info@boldurban.org. 

April 20 - April 23

Camp Tuckabatchee
1973 N 35th Rd.
Ottowa, IL 61350


The Basics

Purchasing a Ticket

Tickets are on sale beginning at noon on Wednesday, March 15th through Brown Paper Tickets. You can purchase your ticket for B.U.R.N. burn here.

B.U.R.N. Burn knows not everyone can afford tickets. We’re proud to offer a “Sponsor a Burner” program through Facebook. If you want to help a burner make it to B.U.R.N. burn, please email communications@boldurban.org and we’ll connect you with a burner-in-need via Facebook.

If you can’t sponsor the total cost of a ticket but still want to help, please click on the "Sponsor a Burner" option when you buy tickets and add however much you like!

Any donated funds not used for tickets will be rolled over to 2018’s Sponsor program."

Entering B.U.R.N. burn

You must have a valid government-issued photo ID and a ticket to enter the event. Upon verifying both photo ID and your ticket (purchased either online or at the Gate), you will be wristbanded. Keep your wristband on for the duration of B.U.R.N. burn.  

  • Frequently Asked Ticketing Questions.
  • Tickets will be sold at the Gate. If you did not purchase your ticket online, please bring exact change - our Gate Volunteers will not be carrying cash.
  • Participants under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Pets are not allowed at B.U.R.N. burn. ADA-compliant service animals are allowed with prior arrangement; after you have purchased your ticket, email info@boldurban.org to register your service animal for the event.
    • Exit and re-entry, i.e., “ins and outs”, are only allowed in cases of emergency. If you must leave the event early, your wristband will be removed at the Gate and you will not be allowed re-entry. 
    • In case of emergency, re-entry will be allowed on a case-by-case basis and you will be allowed to keep your wristband on and to re-enter the event.
    • Weapons, fireworks, other explosives, and illegal substances are not allowed.

    Gate Hours (CST)

    • Thursday, April 20th - 5pm to midnight
    • Friday, April 21st - noon to midnight
    • Saturday, April 22nd - 10am to 3pm
    • Sunday, April 23rd - Egress only


    The space at Camp Tuckabatchee cannot accommodate RVs, trailers, campers, or other tow-behind vehicles at this time. If you have questions about whether the event space can accommodate your specific vehicle, please email us with the specifications at info@boldurban.org.

    Additionally, due to the space limitations where parking is situated at Camp Tuckabatchee, B.U.R.N. burn will not allow car camping at this event.


    B.U.R.N. burn is entirely volunteer run, which means we need your help to pull this off. If you are interested in volunteering, you can sign up here.

    Gate/Greeters: This department owns entry and exit to the event. "None shall pass... without signing a waiver and getting a wristband!" Also in charge of warm fuzzy hugs and welcoming attendees.

    Placement/Art Curation: Pre-event team responsible for working with groups interested in using cabins on premises and bringing art to the event. During the event this team will work with camps and artists to assist with placement.

    Safety: This department is looking for folks with prior medical, fire art, or ranger experience.

    LNT: One of the ten principles of Burning Man is Leave No Trace. LNT volunteers make sure we leave the event space better looking than when we started. This also helps us build a positive relationship with the event space owner, which makes it easier for us to have the event again!

    Hands/Parking: Last but not least, we have a general volunteer need for "hands". Since this is not a large event we are not expecting any major infrastructure needs at this point. But, we can always use a few helping hands. If you want to volunteer but don't know where, sign up here!

    Parenting at B.U.R.N. burn

    Children of all ages are welcome at B.U.R.N. burn. Burners under 18 years of age must be accompanied and supervised by a 21+ parent or legal guardian, both at entry and at all times during the event. Children ages 15 and under must have a Kid's Ticket ($10); Children ages 16 and older require full-price tickets. Minors are not required to have government-issued ID but please be prepared to show proof of age. All minors must arrive at the Gate with their parent or guardian - unaccompanied minors will be turned away.

    Prepare children in advance for the kinds of things that they might see and hear. Nudity, iconoclastic art, sexuality, rude language, cultural commentary and "weird" behavior are all part of any Burn.  Failing to adequately supervise minors will result in immediate ejection from B.U.R.N. burn without exception or recourse.

    Theme Camps

    Theme Camps are one of the many important parts of any Burn. More than just a bunch of people camping together, they open their doors to the community, providing hospitality, entertainment, art, interactive installations or participatory experiences. We here at B.U.R.N. burn want to help you give this gift to the community by finding just the right space for you to do so. If you are bringing a theme camp to B.U.R.N. burn, please fill out the theme camp registration form here.


    This is a LEAVE NO TRACE event. There will be no trash cans on the property. You will be expected to take your trash home with you to properly dispose of. Here are some tips on how to prepare for a LNT event.


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