The Burning Man Regional Network is the year-round embodiment of the Burning Man experience, supporting it as a global cultural movement. In cities around the world, the Burning Man Project has established Regional Contacts whose role is to help local Burners connect with each other, while bringing Burning Man principles and culture into their local communities.

As they are the local representatives of the Burning Man Project, Regional Contacts are carefully screened, interviewed, and selected by members of the project staff. Further, they are bound by a Letter of Understanding that expresses their agreement to assume the responsibilities of the role, as well as their commitment to Burning Man’s Ten Principles, which represent the core values that define the Burning Man culture.

Keith "Flipit" Privett
Burning Since: 2005

"Treat each other as poets and geniuses" -  Del Close


Steve "Ghost" Casper
Burning Since: 2005

I love to build wonderful things...skills, communities, art. I love to burn the art.


Rich "Heyu" Kelly
Burning Since: 2022

"Note : Also RC for Time Travelers"



Rob "Robrob" Robinson
Burning Since: 2010

Generally speaking, usually part of the problem.

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