Theme Camp Registration

Please answer the following questions to help us ascertain your Theme Camp's requirements and plan with you in the weeks leading up to the event.

Lead Contact's Name *
Lead Contact's Name
Who should we contact in placing your Theme Camp at B.U.R.N. burn?
Lead Contact's Phone *
Lead Contact's Phone
The one at which the Lead Contact is most easily reached.
How many campers will be camping with your Theme Camp?
What's it called?
What is the idea behind your theme camp? What is its philosophy, its raison d'être? Put another way, if you had to describe your theme camp to a stranger, what would you say?
What does your theme camp offer to the community in terms of interactive elements or participatory experience? Simply put, why should your camp be given placement?
Will your theme camp be serving alcohol to participants? (If so, do keep in mind that it is the responsibility of bartenders to ascertain that all bar patrons are of legal drinking age.)
Will your theme camp feature adult content not suitable for children to even be around? (While we get that everyone's standards for suitability will vary, let's say "suitable according to the community standards of the surrounding community.")
Is your Theme Camp specifically designed for children? Do you want it to be part of Kidsville?
Approximately how much space does your theme camp need for the elements it will share with the public (domes, art installations, dance floors, etc.)? Please give a set of dimensions in feet, e.g. 50' wide x 30' deep.
Approximately how much space does your theme camp need to accommodate all of your campers' tents, yurts, etc.? Please give a set of dimensions in feet, e.g. 60' wide x 30' deep.
Will your theme camp feature an amplified sound system larger/louder than a boombox? Describe in terms as specific as possible.
Does your theme camp wish to feature fire in any form: fire pits, tiki torches, propane effects, fire performances? Describe in terms as specific as possible. Do note that propane effect-based art may need to be placed in a separate, fire-art area. Fire Safety, Placement, and Camp Tuckabatchee are still working out the specific criteria of allowable propane-effect art, so camps that are wish to bring fire art will get a follow-up email to hammer out the details.
Does your camp have sufficient generators, solar, batteries, etc. to cover all its own power needs? (Do be considerate of your neighbors, baffling loud generators.) Please do describe your electrical setup.
There are several kinds of theme camp spaces… *
Camp Tuckabatchee features a several different kinds of spaces that theme camps can apply for: outdoor ground spaces in the main camping area; remote, outdoor ground spaces; remote, outdoor raised platforms; cabins; and the Main Lodge. Just know this before you go answering the first question you see about cabins…
How about a cabin? *
Camp Tuckabatchee has a limited number of cabins (20' wide x 15' deep), some with power, some without. During B.U.R.N. Burn these cabins would not be available for residential purposes (that is to say you shouldn't plan on living in them); they are, however, being made available for theme camps, art installations, dance floors, yoga studios, bars, tea houses, cuddle puddles, adult parties, interactive experiences, chill spaces…Would your theme camp be interested in taking over one of these cabins to provide an experience for the community?
How about the Main Lodge? *
Camp Tuckabatchee has a big, main camp lodge (approx. 20' wide x 40' deep) that they normally use as a dining hall. During B.U.R.N. Burn the Main Lodge would not be available for residential purposes (that is to say you shouldn't plan on living it). At Dust-Off last year it served as the main indoor bar, dance venue and game hall (hosted by the Secret Gentlemen's Club with a Valhalla cozy corner). Would your theme camp be interested in taking over this lodge to provide an interactive environment for the community? Do keep in mind that if you volunteer for this you're volunteering to GO BIG.
How about an isolated spot on a hill way out in the woods, away from the cabins and most campers? *
Camp Tuckabatchee has a remote camping area (well, like a 3-minute walk from the main camping area), high on a hill, accessible via stairs and hiking paths. In this remote camping area are six raised platforms (approximately 10' wide x 15' deep), on which tents or other structures could be erected. There is also some ground-level area for larger structures. This area also has its own fire pit. There is no electricity anywhere near this area. Do you want to get away from all those Burners in the valley below?
On loading your Theme Camp… *
It should be noted that vehicles cannot be driven all the way to the individual campsites; this will mean that large infrastructure items will need to be carted (there are a limited number of hand-carts available) or otherwise carried a portion of the way there. This isn't so much of a question as it is a statement.
On RVs/campers/trailers: the campground can't accommodate them… *
Because of the configuration of the road into Camp Tuckabatchee—a steep-graded dirt road with tight turns, a ditch on the inside of that turn, no space to turn around should things go haywire on the way in, the prospect of an RV completely blocking the entrance/exit to the event—RVs, campers and camper-trailers should not be part of your theme camp plan. The campground can't accommodate them.
What else do you need to know? Is there something else not covered by the above questions that we should know to help make your Theme Camp go? Go into detail here.
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