B.U.R.N. Loves You: 2018 Art Grants funding levels announced

We B.U.R.N. for you…

During our monthly B.U.R.N.-Ops meeting, Bold Urban Renaissance
Network set the funding levels for its 2, count 'em, 2 Art Grant
cycles for 2018.

We're proud and excited to announce that this year B.U.R.N. will be
awarding $7000 in Art Grants to you, the Burner artists of Chicagoland
(or, hell, non-Burners, for that matter). That's a $2500 increase from

Who do you have to thank for all this? You, the Chicago Burning Man
community. Through direct donations; big events like B.U.R.N. Burn and
Chicago's Decompression 2017: The Ouroboros; and even the little
things like shopping through Amazon Smile and donating the proceeds to
B.U.R.N., you make it all happen.

As we get the ball rolling on B.U.R.N. Burn—look for some big
announcements in the days to come—we'll give you all the details on
how to apply for 2018's first Art Grant Cycle. We're looking forward
to seeing the great things you do with it.

Happy Valentine's Day, Burners. We love you all. (Yes, even you.)

-Scott Free, on the behalf of Bold Urban Renaissance Network

©2016 B.U.R.N.