B. U. R. N. is thinking of you: 2017 Financial Reports Posted

The 2017 end-of-year financial report has been released for our Bold Urban Renaissance Network (BURN), the not-for-profit (NFP) legal entity behind Chicago Decompression and BURN burn. The report includes details past and present for both events and those details are repeated in an event only-report for the TLDR crowd. 

As Scottfree described in his Valentine's message (reposted below), we've committed $2,500 from the proceeds of last year's events and fundraisers to add to the available balance for the Art Grants Program, and $500 to added to the BWB Civic Grant Program.

That means a little over $700 goes into our reserves this year, but last year we tapped the same amount FROM reserves to keep steady funding for the grant programs. So, Balance and such.

BURN is also a fiscal sponsor for the programs of Burners without Borders in Chicago and Detroit some other. That's a fancy term for holding their purses: accepting donations on their behalf and funds raised by their volunteers then marking in the accounting books that those funds are reserved for BWB projects and grants (similar to what Black Rock Arts and now Burning Man Project do for BWB at the national level).

We also accept the proceeds collected by Recycle Camp and ChiCargo Playa Shipping and put those in an account for International Artist Exchange grant program between AfrikaBurn and Lakes of Fire as their volunteers request.  The Funds designated for BWB and for various grant programs add up to more than what we have in the bank.

The one thing you wont see in the balance sheets are salaries. We're all volunteers here. from the greeters and rangers at Decompression to the members of our committees and board.

I'd like to thank all of these volunteers once again.

But I'd also like to give special personal thanks to Lena who, among many things as a volunteer, has taken over working to get our grantees get paid and processed quickly - and better than I had been able to. Also, thanks to Dearie for recommending Lena for this work. 

"Flipit" - on behalf of Bold Urban Renaissance Network.


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