B.U.R.N. Burn Logo Design Competition!

Our brand spanking new spring burn needs a brand spanking new logo. We want YOU to design that logo for us. Things you should know: we're collecting submissions through February 24th. The event is on 4/20. Fire.

The logo should:

• reflect the event's mission to foster community arts through grass-roots projects and civic collaborations
• conveys its efforts to create, display, and support interactive arts and civic participation that inspires action and connects people by moving them from passive spectators to creative participants
• embodies all Chicago Burners' dedication to inspiring positive creative change in the participants and in the wider community
• Maybe symbolizes those things that make a Burn a Burn: camping and/or fire? Maybe…
• looks cool an' stuff.

Something that does all of the above would be great, but really any two of 'em will do. Let's see what you've got!

The details, creative- and technical-wise:

• Logos should be vector art (so created in Illustrator and submitted as an Illustrator EPS file would be ideal…but there are, in theory, other options)
• While multi-color logos will be considered, any multi-color logo should be accompanied by a solid (no halftones, no gradients), single-color version on white. sometimes logos gotta be one color—say, when you're screenprinting it, for instance, or on a fax (it still happens, on rare occasions)
• Logomarks should be accompanied by type: "B.U.R.N. burn” or “B.U.R.N. Burn” or “B.U.R.N. BURN”

• Any imagery used must be legal and licensed for use: either original imagery by you, used with the permission of the artist, or public domain.

Logos must be submitted by Friday, February 24 at 11:59pm (Central Standard Time). Send submissions to info@boldurban.org

The selection process: submissions will be anonymized (no favoritism here), evaluated, and the winning logo selected by the B.U.R.N.-Ops committee during their February meeting. While B.U.R.N.-Ops members may submit logos for consideration, in order to avoid a conflict of interest, any B.U.R.N.-Ops member submitting a logo will be ineligible to participate or vote in the selection process.

The designer of the selected logo may be asked to do a round of revisions to get the design fully in line with all technical and creative specs. We'll try to keep it quick, minimal and painless.

Good luck, logo designers. Let's see what you've got!

©2016 B.U.R.N.