Lakes of Fire needs an effigy design!


Even if your proposal is not 100% completed we would still like to see what you have in mind for YOUR LOF EFFIGY 2016

Calling all Fire Lovers and Effigy-Smiths!

Open submission for the 2016 Lakes of Fire Effigy is happening now! Have an idea for something really big that looks great on fire? We have a terrific opportunity for you to have your vision come to life, or help someone see their vision come to life.  Read this email in its entirety if you have a burning desire to get your hands dirty with a team of artisans soon to be constructing one of the most generously funded art pieces at Lakes of Fire.

*Effigy Design*

It’s an open design contest, there are guidelines, but no limitations to your creativity. Inspired, imaginative, and challenging designs are welcome. Show us what inspires you, tell us why it will inspire others.

*Effigy Build Team*

The Effigy Build Team is a volunteer group of individuals who are willing to build it, bring it, set it up and burn it down. Your Build Team can submit a design, or can build a design submitted by another applicant. Previous build teams crafted a swingin’ tree, erected a pyramid and stuffed a ball inside it, beached a plywood whale, lit up a lighthouse, got all industrial with a factory, and last year brought a thrust-powered alien spaceship.

What will you build?

How will people interact with it?

What does it inspire in each of us?

If you are part of an effigy team that’s SUPER, but an effigy build team is not required to submit a design. This is your opportunity to see your imagination come to life even if you've never used a power tool. We are a community, and as a community can help you build your vision.

*Effigy Council*

Comprised of experienced builders and artisans from past Effigy Build teams, the Effigy Council represents our community by aiding and abetting those rare souls that really want to see their creations as the centerpiece of the festival; entertaining, enlivening, and positively interacting with the community. We also help to ensure that it gets burnt to the ground in a grand and beautiful fashion. We are here to advise on safety, economy, scheduling, and volunteer labor.

*Submittal Deadline*

If you are interested in submitting a design please email ** to register and obtain examples of past proposals for reference. Please include contact information (Name, Playa Name, Email, Phone Number) for your Build Lead and/or Effigy Lead.

*Your completed effigy proposals are due on February 6, 2016 and must bedigitally submitted to:

*The Council will be meeting on shortly after to chose a winner. *

*Helpful Resources*

An important read before you submit: So you wanna build an effigy



Submittal guidelines:
Email all inquiries, thanks and praises to:

Burn baby burn
-The Effigy Council

©2016 B.U.R.N.