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~~**)'(**~~  B.U.R.N Updates  ~~**)'(**~~

  • BURN Art Grant Deadline - April 1st

  • BURN Happy Hour - Meet & Greet at Twisted Spoke - April 15th

  • BWB/BURN Chicago Community Grant Program Salon - May 20th


~~**)’(**~~  Non- B.U.R.N. UPDATES ~~**)’(**~~

  • Edible Alchemy presents: Through the Looking Glass Dinner - March 27th

  • The Lusty Llama Lounge - March 28th

  • Chicago Urban Ranger Bunch (CURB) Meet & Greet - April 1st

  • Brunch Beats - April 12th

  • Whimsy & Wickedness: A Fabulous Gothee Fundraiser - April 18th

  • BEDxChicago II - April 25th


Any community member with an idea to present to BURN-Ops is welcome- and enthusiastically encouraged - to contact us at


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B.U.R.N. Art Grant Submission Deadline Approaching


The deadline for the Bold Urban Renaissance Network (BURN) 2015 Spring Cycle for Art Grants is in just ONE WEEK -  Wednesday, April 1st at 11:59pm.


Please read the FAQ found here before you apply:

Apply online here:


The Spring cycle seeks to help fund art for Resonate, Lakes of Fire, and other Spring/ early Summer events but our applications are always rolling so if you want a grant for Burning Man or for the Fall it's ok to go ahead and apply now. This will be the only cycle before Lakes of Fire.


We can't wait to see what you freaks come up with!


-BURN Art Grant Committee




Chi-Burners Happy Hour

April 15th, 2015



Twisted Spoke

501 N Ogden Ave,

Chicago, IL 60642


Join us at Twisted Spoke for the April Burner Meet & Greet - hosted by Krueger!


B.U.R.N. 501(c)3's Events Committee and B.U.R.N. Ops are excited to be hosting our 4th monthly happy hour. The idea's pretty simple - food and libations on (usually) the third Wednesday of the month.

The locations will vary, but generally the Happy Hours will be at places that are easily accessible via CTA, never-any-cover,and mostly with food served. We are also trying to cover many areas of the city geographically, to the maximum extent possible - so the locale's will travel.


Stay tuned for information about the May Happy Hour at Delilah’s.




Submissions Open Chicago Community Grant Program May 2015


Announcing application opening for the May 2015 *Chicago Community Grant Program*.

We want to fund your community project!


Apply for a $1,000 opportunity to help fund your vision for creating positive change here in Chicago. Deadline is Mid-April (Deadline announced in a few days)!

Learn more about the grant program, and submit your proposal, here:


Four applicants will be selected to present their proposal at a public Salon on *May 20th*, where attendees will vote for the community project they believe deserves the grant.


Feel free to give this information to anyone you feel might benefit from this program, and please direct any questions to

We look forward to being inspired by your ideas!

-The Chicago Community Grant Program




Edible Alchemy presents: Through the Looking Glass Dinner


Friday March 27, 2015

doors at 7pm, supper at 7:30pm

@Eco Collective 2042 W 21st Street

$50 for 4 courses with drink pairings (all included)

$20 little person, or $35 without drinks



Through the Looking Glass Supper : a twisted tread for the senses, big and small!

EA's Alice in Wonderland twist on reality features tasty tea cakes, savory biscuits, english buttery mushroom kale vegetarian pasty, tiny forks, crafted cocktail, chess galore, and interactive elements.  Exclusively vegetarian dinner featuring local food goodness and beautiful presentations.  Jaberwocky beware!




The Lusty Llama Lounge

at Transamoeba Studios

Saturday, March 28th



Lounge in luxury with your friends at Transamoeba Studios as we share an eclectic evening.


Join us for creative cocktails, fabulous friends, awesome art, specialty snacks, heavenly hookahs and multifaceted music.


There are a very limited number of tickets available for this event.

Get your discounted Early Llama tickets here:


More information available:




CURB Meet & Greet

at Weegee’s Lounge

April 1st



Are you interested in becoming a Ranger?

  • Are you looking to get involved as a regional ranger - at events around Chicago or the Great Lakes?

  • Have you rangered at Chicago Decompression, Resonate, or Lakes of Fire and are looking to become a Black Rock City Ranger?


Come out to Weegee’s Lounge on April 1st for a drink & meet Regional and BRC Rangers from the Chicago area. Our local Ranger group (Chicago Urban Ranger Bunch - or CURB) will be there to answer any questions about what rangers do, what trainings are available, or anything else you’d need to make a decision about if/how you’d like to get involved.


Any questions can be sent to Ranger Fishfood at




Brunch Beats

at C-Haus

Sunday, April 12th


$10 Donations at the door


Spring is here!!




Brunch, beats and a little art market. Family friendly event. Come join us on this lovely Sunday and lets mingle, eat good food, laugh, drink the good stuff and dance till the sun goes down.


It's going to be a delightful eggspierence!!!


Want to volunteer? Please email


Want to have a booth to vend? Please fill out this form




Whimsy & Wickedness: A Fabulous Gothee Adventure Featuring Burlesque, Dancing, and Costume Contest


Saturday, April 18

8:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m.

Eco Collective


Frolicking pixies tease brooding wizards, elves arm wrestle dwarves, rogue adventurers swap tales with lovable outlaws. Come meet up with fellow adventurers for drinking debauchery, dancing delights, fiery fun, free coffee and games of prowess. Tickets for this fundraiser event are a suggested donation of $15, or $10 in advance or in costume.




The Chicago Bureau of Erotic Discourse presents


BEDxChicago II

April 25th, 2015


Catalyst Collective


X = An independently organized BED event.


Join us for our second event in series of symposia highlighting clarity & consent in any form of sexual expression.


We are still looking for speakers for our April event. If you have a topic related to sexual negotiation, consent issues, or something else you think you think relates, please email or


BEDx was created in the spirit of TEDx's mission, "ideas worth spreading."



This event is a safe space for anyone of any sexual orientation and gender identity to express their sexual experiences, desires, questions, and concerns confidentially and without fear of judgement or harassment. Personal stories will not be shared outside this event. If you cannot commit to respecting the sensitive nature of this event, please do not attend.



The Bureau of Erotic Discourse (BED) is a team of volunteers who help to provide information and education regarding issues of consent in the Burning Man Community. We present this information in a sex positive format, as we believe that fun, safe play is best approached by learning to acknowledge and express your own personal desires and boundaries, while respecting those of others.


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BURNING MAN CHICAGO BOARD of OPERATIONS a.k.a. BURN-Ops - is a diverse, volunteer-based group of Chicago Burners who take an active role in supporting and growing Burner culture in the Chicago Metropolitan area.  We have various sub-committees that specialize in:  



* B.U.R.N., NFP Art Grants * Events :: Decompression, WeBurn Art Shows, and more!! * Monthly Meet 'n' Greets * Communications (Websites, the Lantern) * Biz Team (B.U.R.N. NFP board members) * Burners Without Border & the Civic Grants Program 




Bold Urban Renaissance Network is a Not For Profit (NFP) organization that fosters community growth through art, grassroots projects, and civic collaborations. We seek to create, display, and support interactive arts and civic participation that inspire action and connect people by moving them from passive spectators to creative participants. We believe this inspires positive creative change in the participants and in the wider community. 




Want to get more involved with B.U.R.N? We've always got something to do! If you're interested in the do-ocracy and want to be a positive catalyst in the vibrant and growing Chicago Burner Community, participate!



"We welcome and respect the stranger. No prerequisites exist for participation in our community." 




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