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~~**)'(**~~  B.U.R.N Updates  ~~**)'(**~~

  • Brand New Burning Man Chicago Website!

  • BURN Happy Hour - Meet & Greet at Weegee’s Lounge - February 18th

  • BURN Art Grant Deadline - April 1st


~~**)’(**~~  Non- B.U.R.N. UPDATES ~~**)’(**~~

  • BWB WinterBall AfterParty Report

  • BEDxChicago - February 14th

  • AfrikaBurn Exchange Program - Submission Deadline - February 15th

  • Edible Alchemy Post Vday Brunch - February 15th

  • CHIditarod X - March 7th


Any community member with an idea to present to BURN-Ops is welcome- and enthusiastically encouraged - to contact us at

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Just a reminder: We Have a Brand New Burning Man Chicago Website!


We're pleased to launch the all new website!

The site is intended to be an evolving resource for the entire Chicago Burner community. Whether you're a dusty vet looking for an art grant (or bar meet, or both), or an apprehensive newcomer wondering how you're going to get all your water to the playa, we're building a toolbox to help you get sorted– as well as introduce you to a whole host of offerings the community works on year round.


This project is a collaboration between B.U.R.N. and the Chicago Regional Contacts of the Burning Man Project.  Currently, you can find the latest news and updates, a list of meet-n-greets and other community events, and some overview on our current programming and organizational structure.


We'll be adding more stuff in the future, such as a volunteer form, so that you can get involved in planning and executing events like Decompression. Again- it's evolving.

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please feel free to email them to




February Chi-Burners Happy Hour

Weegee’s Lounge

3659 W. Armitage

February 18th, 2015



Last month's inaugural Chi-burners Happy Hour was such a sweet success! We had around 50 burners come out to the Skylark Lounge in Pilsen to enjoy libations, good food, and of course, each other’s company.  

This time we'll be gracing Weegee's Lounge in West Logan Square at 3659 W. Armitage.


Don’t forget to bring a cd or flash drive for the Musical White Elephant: Make a playlist of your best guilty pleasure songs. Don't write your name on it. Take home someone else's mix at the end of the night.




BWB Winter Ball 2015 - AfterParty Report:


Hello Wonderful Community!


First of all-  Thank You!  Thank you to everyone who attended, organized, volunteered, installed, played, danced, and brought their gifts to the 2015 BWB Winter Ball.  It was a night to remember for so many of us and the glow stayed with us for days afterward.  Thanks for bringing in that winter storm with us!


We feel that it's important for us to be as transparent and forthcoming a possible with our financials from our events when we are raising money for Not-For-Profit causes, and with this in mind we’ve prepared a financial summary from this year’s 2015 Winter Ball event:


Post-Party Financial Breakdown


1,450.00     Arts & Entertainment Cost Total

 815.52     Food & Drink Cost Total

2,209.23     Venue & Infrastructure Total

Total Costs:       4,474.85  


9,920.00   Ticket Sales Total  

2,250.00    Bar Sales Total

 276.00    Donation Total

12,434.26  Total Income  


7,958.41     Total Raised for Burners-without-Borders Chicago


The money that is raised goes towards

  • dinner expenses for the Chicago Community Grant Salon twice each year

  • grant stipends for the 2015 Chicago Community Grant Salons

  • modest operating costs

  • in 2014 we sent money to the Philippines to build their tool library

  • in 2015, we're considering implementing a "micro loan" system for
    business-based social good ventures that need capital up front.


Keep in touch with our 2015 Honored Projects:

Jakmel Ekpresyon - (

Slow + Roll Chicago - (

Free write Jail Arts - (

Share Your Soles - (

Consensus Chicago - (

Why Not Here? - (

Follow the Alphabet Road - (

Kedzie Carroll Garden -  (


Keep in Touch with Burners-without-Borders Chicago:

Learn more & Get involved with the Chicago Community Grant Program here:


Sincerely the BWB Winter Ball 2015 Core-ganizers,

Andrea, Breedlove, Alyssa




The Chicago Bureau of Erotic Discourse presents



February 14th, 2015


Catalyst Collective


X = An independently organized BED event.


Join us for a day of talks and playshops highlighting clarity & consent in any form of sexual expression.

BEDx was created in the spirit of TEDx's mission, "ideas worth spreading."



This event is a safe space for anyone of any sexual orientation and gender identity to express their sexual experiences, desires, questions, and concerns confidentially and without fear of judgement or harassment. Personal stories will not be shared outside this event. If you cannot commit to respecting the sensitive nature of this event, please do not attend.



The Bureau of Erotic Discourse (BED) is a team of volunteers who help to provide information and education regarding issues of consent in the Burning Man Community. We present this information in a sex positive format, as we believe that fun, safe play is best approached by learning to acknowledge and express your own personal desires and boundaries, while respecting those of others.




AfrikaBurn Exchange Program 2015


This program was started to help build international collaboration between Great Lakes and South African burners.

Apply and you and your art could be sent to AfrikaBurn! (Yes, YOU! Yes, really!)

The program provides airfare, event ticket, and a material budget (up to $1,000)!


To apply, You MUST be available mid-April till early May and have a valid passport.  


Deadline for submissions is Feb 15th. A selection will be made by mid-March!


Submission form:




Edible Alchemy Post Vday Brunch 2/15

Sunday February 15, 2015


11am and 1pm seatings

at The Eco Collective in Pilsen

2042 W 21st Street, Chicago 60608

tickets & info here:


Well, Thankfully THAT'S over!


Join us for a snarky and sweet post vday chilled out brunch, featuring delicious sweets, chocolate pancakes, fluffy whip, and more - all served with a generous helping of snark.   The best food around, in a really great space.  BYOValentine or Ben X will be yours complimentarily.



sweet & savory for whatever mood you're in.

$35 price includes pastries, unlimited coffee & tea, an adult beverage, brunch entree, snarky cookies, and fun. and snark.  and love.

***Message us with food allergies!***



Coffee, Tea, Champagne

Pastries by Lia : Cinnamon Rolls, Croissants, Scones, Cookies




Bleeding Heart Black Waffles : Chocolate, grenadine, whip, fruit

Little Death Sandwich : Beurrage Bread, Fried Farm Egg, Schmear, Greens, Kraut. + Pickled Brussels Sprouts & Potatoes



Snarky Love Cookies


Edible Alchemy Co-ordinator

440 897 6034




CHIditarod X

March 7th, 2015




Make sure to use #RodX on your various social medias so we can retweet, rehash, and rebook your awesome posts!


Register here:

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