The Lantern :: Chicago's Burning Man Newsletter :: 1/15/15

~~**)'(**~~  B.U.R.N Updates  ~~**)'(**~~

  • Brand New Burning Man Chicago Website!

  • B.U.R.N. 2014 Financial Report

  • Feedback Loop - January 17th

  • BURN Happy Hour - Meet & Greet at Skylark - January 21st

  • BURNOps New Member - Application Deadline -  January 24th

  • BURN Art Grant Deadline - April 1st


~~**)’(**~~  Non- B.U.R.N. UPDATES ~~**)’(**~~

  • Mad Hatter’s Tea & Brunch - January 18th

  • BWB WinterBall - January 31st

  • Lakes of Fire 2015: Fabulous Contraption - Art Grant Deadline - February 7th

  • AfrikaBurn Exchange Program - Submission Deadline - February 15th

  • CHIditarod X - March 7th


Any community member with an idea to present to BURN-Ops is welcome- and enthusiastically encouraged - to contact us at

If you would like your announcement featured in the Lantern, send your copy to Puma @ by the 14th of each month!




Brand New Burning Man Chicago Website!


We're pleased to launch the all new website!

The site is intended to be an evolving resource for the entire Chicago Burner community. Whether you're a dusty vet looking for an art grant (or bar meet, or both), or an apprehensive newcomer wondering how you're going to get all your water to the playa, we're building a toolbox to help you get sorted– as well as introduce you to a whole host of offerings the community works on year round.


This project is a collaboration between B.U.R.N. and the Chicago Regional Contacts of the Burning Man Project.  Currently, you can find the latest news and updates, a list of meet-n-greets and other community events, and some overview on our current programming and organizational structure.


We'll be adding more stuff in the future, such as a volunteer form, so that you can get involved in planning and executing events like Decompression. Again- it's evolving.

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please feel free to email them to






In 2014, BURN NFP took in $3338 from Decompression (our first event in a new format), $729 from our first annual Rummage Sale, and $334 in general donations. We spent $1647 on Decompression (including $820 venue and $407 for insurance), $778 on rent and participant ticket giveaways at Town Hall and $907 on administrative expenses (mostly online services).


Those items are $4401 in and $3332 out, which normally would leave only $1069 to divvy up between Art Grants, BURN/BWB Civic Grants and reserves. That's a lot less than recent years due to the challenges with hosting Decompression in our new format. We expect to have a larger event in 2015.


The BURN Operations committee (BURN-Ops) decided to take $4431 out of our reserves to let the two programs start in 2015 about where they did in 2014: $4000 for Art and $1500 for Civic.


In addition, as custodian of restricted funds we took in $1610 from BWB-Chicago's fundraiser and $500 from an anonymous donor to kick off the new restricted fund to support the international artist exchange between Lakes of Fire and AfrikaBurn.


BURN enters 2015 with $29,603 in the bank, but only $18,113 in the general fund. The other $11,490 are reserved for 2015 Art Grants ($3998), 2015 Civic Grants ($1500), past grants that are still open ($2692), and custodial funds for BWB Chicago ($2,472), BWB Detroit ($59), and the artist exchange program ($500).






aka. The Event Formerly Known as PowWow

Saturday, January 17th, 2015

|2-4pm Discussion | 4-6pm Meet N Greet|



Catalyst Collective

Near North and Pulaski on Chicago's Westside


Please email to RSVP and receive location details.


Join us for an Open Discussion about WHO we are as a community and WHAT we want to do.  

This is the one time of year local organizers in the community purposefully come together to listen to the community. Show up and be heard!


All are welcome for this "down-to-business" event. At 4pm, we’ll put the business aside and enjoy some free beer and pizza.


Also, there will be a drawing for TWO tickets to BWB Winter Gala and Ball!


And in the spirit of any of our community events,

Please remember to Leave No Trace! BYO-Cup!


If you are unable to attend, but want to contribute an idea/question/grievance, tell us via this handy dandy form.



Chi-Burners Happy Hour

January 21st, 2015




2149 S. Halsted Street


B.U.R.N. 501(c)3's Events Committee and B.U.R.N. Ops are starting off 2015 with what we hope will become a new tradition - a monthly Happy Hour for Chicago burners!

You can easily get to Skylark by taking the Halsted or the Cermak bus and the Orange Line's Halsted stop will get you within about five blocks.


The idea's pretty simple - food and libations on (usually) the third Wednesday of the month! The intention here is purely social. Let's get together and talk about all things burny!


The locations will vary, but generally the Happy House will be at places that are easily accessible via CTA, never-any-cover,and mostly with food served. We are also trying to cover many areas of the city geographically, to the maximum extent possible - so the locale's will



Stay tuned for February Happy Hour at WeeGees in Humboldt Park!






Are you interested in enacting Burner culture in Chicago? Could you donate an extra two to three hours a month to Chicago's Burner community?

BURN-Ops, aka BURN’s Operations Committee acts as an advisory panel to B.U.R.N. NFP – our local non-for profit that raises funds of art and civic grants in Chicago through events such as Chicago Decompression. The functions of BURN-Ops work to provide a resource for the many various tribes in our community. Prospective members will likely have interest in creating new programs and events that seek to be a resource for our diverse and dynamic community and fosters the 10 Principles of Burning Man, right here in Chicago. We are looking people with all sorts of skills - art curation, fundraising, event planning, grant writing, copywriting & editing, public relations, and more.


Interested? Fill out this New Member Questionnaire.




Mad Hatters Tea & Brunch

Sunday Jan 18, 9:30 and 11:30


The Eco Collective

2042 W 21st Street

Chicago IL 60608


Join Edible Alchemy for a properly Mad British Brunch!  With live drunken doormouses, Mad Hatters, and silliness galore.


  • Tea, tea, more tea (or coffee.  or spiked if you are adult-ish)

  • Handmade squash scones with local butter, Andrea's famous jams, marmalade, clotted cream, and lemon curd

  • Toad in a rabbit hole (toast & fried egg), Marinated Mushrooms, Roasted tomatoes

  • Baked Beans, Dressed Greens, Fluffy Crumpets

Costumes encouraged.   Adult portions include spiked Earl Grey tea and champagne.


$35 big person,  $20 little person (under 12 years)





Submissions Open Chicago Community Grant Program May 2015! (April Deadline!)

Announcing application opening for the May 2015 *Chicago Community Grant Program*.

We want to fund your community project!


Apply for a $1,000 opportunity to help fund your vision for creating positive change here in Chicago. Deadline is Mid-April (Deadline announced in a few days)!

Learn more about the grant program, and submit your proposal, here:


Four applicants will be selected to present their proposal at a public Salon on *May 20th*, where attendees will vote for the community project they believe deserves the grant.


Feel free to give this information to anyone you feel might benefit from this program, and please direct any questions to

We look forward to being inspired by your ideas!

-The Chicago Community Grant Program




Lakes of Fire 2015: Fabulous Contraption Art Grant Deadline - February 7th

With immense pride, G.L.E.A. Inc. / Lakes of Fire announces this year's art grant cycle. This will be the third year of the program and it continues to grow thanks to our community support!

Applications must be received by 11:59 P.M. (Eastern Standard Time) on February 7th, 2015, for consideration.

To fill out the application, just open this file:

Include your information. Embed any and all drawings, budgets, etc. And then send them as a Word Document, or PDF, to

We also have a new Letter of Intent process this year, to help us help you! This important document is found here:


More information is available at




AfrikaBurn Exchange Program 2015


This program was started to help build international collaboration between Great Lakes and South African burners.

Apply and you and your art could be sent to AfrikaBurn! (Yes, YOU! Yes, really!)

The program provides airfare, event ticket, and a material budget (up to $1,000)!


To apply, You MUST be available mid-April till early May and have a valid passport.  


Deadline for submissions is Feb 15th. A selection will be made by mid-March!


Submission form:




CHIditarod X

March 7th, 2015


The CHIditarod is gearing up for an awesome TENTH year wreaking havoc and doing good here in Chicago.


For those who aren't aware, the CHIditarod is a loose parody of the Alaskan-based dogsled race involving shopping carts, crazy costumes, charity, and a relay race between your favorite Chicago drinking establishments. CHIditarod sportingly calls itself probably the world's largest mobile food drive, and through your continued support has raised more than 100,000 pounds of food and $100,000!


POTENTIAL RACERS! Gather your team and get ready to be EPIC.  To race, you must have a team of 5 people, a kickass, decorated shopping cart, 65 lbs. of non-perishable food items, and YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER.  No exceptions.


Absolutely, positively NO walk-up, race-day registrations are allowed.


Registration for both racers and volunteers opens TODAY!!! Thursday, January 15.


The CHIditarod is produced by a dedicated, slightly crazy group of burners and non-burners alike, dedicated to "doing a good thing but doing it all wrong" -- as quoted by a Chicago Police Sergeant in 2008.  CHIditarod Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


. . . more B.U.R.N. info  . . . .  


BURNING MAN CHICAGO BOARD of OPERATIONS a.k.a. BURN-Ops - is a diverse, volunteer-based group of Chicago Burners who take an active role in supporting and growing Burner culture in the Chicago Metropolitan area.  We have various sub-committees that specialize in:   


* B.U.R.N., NFP Art Grants * Events :: Decompression, WeBurn Art Shows, and more!! * Monthly Meet 'n' Greets * Communications (Websites, the Lantern) * Biz Team (B.U.R.N. NFP board members) * Burners Without Border & the Civic Grants Program  



Bold Urban Renaissance Network is a Not For Profit (NFP) organization that fosters community growth through art, grassroots projects, and civic collaborations. We seek to create, display, and support interactive arts and civic participation that inspire action and connect people by moving them from passive spectators to creative participants. We believe this inspires positive creative change in the participants and in the wider community.  



Want to get more involved with B.U.R.N? We've always got something to do! If you're interested in the do-ocracy and want to be a positive catalyst in the vibrant and growing Chicago Burner Community, participate!


"We welcome and respect the stranger. No prerequisites exist for participation in our community."  



To volunteer - go here!  

Or simply email


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