Welcome to the new website!

Thanks for stopping by! This site is intended to be an evolving resource for the entire Chicago Burner community. Whether you're a dusty vet looking for an art grant (or bar meet, or both), or an apprehensive newcomer wondering how you're going to get all your water to the playa, we hope to build a toolbox to help you get sorted– as well as introduce you to a whole host of offerings the community works on year round.

This project is a collaboration between B.U.R.N. and the Chicago Regional Contacts of the Burning Man Project.  Currently, you can find the latest news and updates, a list of meet-n-greets and other community events, and some overview on our current programming and organizational structure.

We'll be adding more stuff in the future, such as a volunteer form, so that you can get involved in planning and executing events like Decompression. Again- it's evolving. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please feel free to email them to chicago@burningman.com. Cheers!

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