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February 14th, 2015
Catalyst Collective

X = An independently organized BED event.

Join us for an afternoon of talks & playshops highlighting clarity & consent in any form of sexual expression.

Topics Include:
Sexual Negotiation - Susan Masek
Manifesting Consensual Desire - Mark Bee
Poly Communication Tactics for Everybody - Dr. Jeana Jorgensen
Playing With & Validating Gender - Ash F.
Protecting the CommunityCreating Safe Containers - BenX
Accelerated Intimacy - Puma & Ahre Elle

About a few of our presenters:

Susan Masek 
Susan is a Registered Nurse and Foresnsic Nurse Examiner in Indianapolis. She has served as a First Aid Lead for sveral regional burns and flow festivals. In this capacity, she developed Consent Campaigns and volunteers as a Sexual Assault Nurse at Lakes of Fire on the ESD team. 

Mark Bee
Mark is a yoga teacher, beekeeper, and conscious sex educator. He studied sexual psychology at Roosevelt University and continues education by participating in conscious living communities. Mark studies the complex inter-relationships of honeybees and waggle-dancing. The Lovejoy Urban Farm & Oasis is Mark's building artwork, where Yoga classes, playshops, and an environmentally friendly spa serve the community. Mark works to rebuild a world of sustainable living, consent-based relationships and positive educational experiences. 

Dr. Jeana Jorgensen
Dr. Jorgensen teaches anthropology and gender studies at Butler University in Indianapolis, and also does sex education and writing. She teaches and writes about relationship communication, narrative models for gender and sexuality, and alternative sexualities. And yes, she's a burner.

Promoting safe, sexual, and consensual events in the Chicago area for over 4 years via Sun Palace Productions, Ben X, AKA Poppers the Consent Clown has worked to make healthy sexual dialogue a part of every event. In addition to performing burlesque, DJing, and generally trying to bring more heat and sexuality to an already hot and sexy community, he also sometimes teaches English and makes music in various parts of the world.


The Bureau of Erotic Discourse (BED) is a team of volunteers who help to provide information & education regarding issues of consent in the Burning Man Community. We present this information in a sex positive format, as we believe that fun, safe play is best approached by learning to acknowledge and express your own personal desires and boundaries, while respecting those of others. 

This event is a safe space for anyone of any sexual orientation and gender identity to express their sexual experiences, desires, questions, and concerns confidentially and without fear of judgement or harassment. Personal stories will not be shared outside this event. If you cannot commit to respecting the sensitive nature of this event, please do not attend. 

For location details, please respond to this email with your name, choice in gender pronoun, and a brief statement of your commitment to the confidential environment necessary for this event.

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